Monday, April 7, 2008

A few little herbs...

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Rowing and Sowing said...

I'm gonna guess on some of these, but I think I see basil, parsley (two kinds, I think), some rosemary?? (is that rosemary?) and oregano?? I used to pick the basil just to bring some inside the house and put in a vase because is smelled so good! Tastes good too! I sure do need to get busy in my garden. I had good intentions but the tiller had another flat tire (I guess it did - we finally estimated that those tires were about 20 years old - DRY ROTTED!) Got new tires, but then it rained and is now too soggy. I do have some things coming up in pots though! It's right funny (you should see my crowded pots!) I have never propogated but wanted to try it, and so so I gathered seed from some flowers last year (zinnias, moonies, hot peppers, some other things), and I just threw a whole lotta seed in each pot, and now? They're all coming up in those pots like hair on a dogs back. I gotta thin em!

A Softer Side said...

Top pot:
pineapple sage, flat parsley, oregano, lavender, rosemary and spearmint.

Bottom pot:
Curley parsley, lemon thyme, thyme, basil and orange mint.

These are right beside my back door; I also have another huge rosemary and a few nice sized lavender not pictured.
Have a great day (and have fun with the tiller)!