Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The beginning of a tranquil corner garden

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The Garden Faerie said...

What a nice corner! Is that actually a garden decoration, or a bed headboard? It's cool in either case! (I like reusing things int he garden.)
~ Monica

A Softer Side said...

It is an old headboard I scqavaged off the side of the road. I thought it would make an interesting addition for my moonflower vines.

Rowing and Sowing said...

Oh yes! I love it! That headboard makes a lovely garden piece and very tranquil focal point. I haven't been by in what seems like forever (been so waaay waaay busy with...with) goodness, I'll tell ya about it later, but ... I feel like a new mama :)

I have some time this morning though and have been DIEING to catch up (need my dose of the good good gardens!) I can see I have some beautiful open ROSES to look at below! I briefly saw the color and LOVE IT! I found a rose bush at my son's house the other day in an area that's all grown up, and he's not going to move it where it will thrive, and so, I am (here) lol

Speaking of red, my radish and beets finally came up! (Whew - mama's gotta get busy :)

You have a great day! See ya soon.

A Softer Side said...

Radishes and beets?! Now I surely am jealous....
You may have seen the tree that landed in my garden; well... we got lucky and the person (company) that owns the land the tree fell from is willing to clean it up- something about an 'arbor law' makes it not mandatory for the guy to do this, but he is being a good neighbor (and also needs my signature on something for the city council!) and I qam tickled. I can get back into my little plot soon enough.

Have a great one!

Rowing and Sowing said...

Yes I did see the tree, and I was shocked! I couldn't believe my eyes! That's great there's a law on your side. (lol - he might be cleaning it up without a law since there's a "signature needed" pending.) And yeah! My little radishes and beets are up. I couldn't believe my eyes on that one either! We replanted the radishes, and in about a week I rechecked the rows, and I saw teeny little radishes popping up, and I saw BIGGER radishes (ah ha! first seeds apparently DID decide to come up!) Radish rich! :)

Have a great one!

Zoe said...

im having trouble commenting on blogspot..Soft this is going to be beautiul...is that moonies i see??...xxoo

A Softer Side said...

Yes m'am; those are a few moonies.
At the base of the wind chime hook there are morning glories (even if you cant see them yet) and there are a few assorted elephant ears and hydrangeas and that miniature mock orange tree.... give me a few weeks and this will be a very tranquil spot.