Thursday, April 10, 2008

The difference a day makes in the life of a rose...

Climbing New Blaze
(Morning and afternoon)
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Rowing and Sowing said...

Look how it opens in the afternoon! Love it!

A Softer Side said...

That is a very hardy rose- will get a few pictures this morning if I have the time before work. It has also withstoiod a variety of nasty fungus and diseases (I mean that particular bush).
I am not sure what got me 'into' roses; and I really don't know much about them other then I have a knack for making them grow, but I do enjoy them tremendously.

Now the candy tuft roses I scavaged from any piece or parcel of land that was being developed around here 9 I have asked more developers "Can I dig that before you trash it" many times- with the candy tuft roses, iris, jonquils, primroses.... and anything else that had a bloom when I was driving by. That probably explains my eclectic garden (that and the dead plant society!)

I love my little eclectic corner of the world.

Have a great one!