Monday, March 3, 2008

May Day!!!

My peat pots are smelling moldy and I'm worried, nothing poking through but I can smell the mold! Any suggestions?


A Softer Side said...

Mine had a little mold starting this morning as well; I opened them up and am letting them do their thing in the open air in my 'greenhouse' room.

On another note; I sank the tomato cages in the fresh garden plot today. I am using them for both tomatoes and sugar snap peas.

Angelfire said...

Gorgeousm gorgeous gardens!!!!!!!!!!!


Rowing and Sowing said...

The only thing I could think that might help mold at this stage is to try to aerate the soil some??? (without disturbing the seeds) But if the little seedlings aren't up yet, the mold might not pose any problem (just not sure!)

Good gardening!

Zoe said...

Thanks soft!...I'll keep trying..

Thank you angelfire..we are just getting started. Do you have a garden?

Angelfire said...

It's still winter here, Ferns and assorted houseplants. I have started
my Brandywine heirloom maters' seeds
and the culinary herbs annuals indoors, waiting for weather!@!!


A Softer Side said...

I have my vegi seeds indoors as well (in what I fondly call the greenhouse room). I will be able to put some things out soon though- probably after next weekend.

Have a great day.