Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SOFT!!! ROW!!! COME LOOK!!! A HUMMINGBIRD VINE!!! ROW, This is one of the seeds you sent!!! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
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A Softer Side said...


Robin's Nesting Place said...

I discovered you from Blotanical andI just saw that you are from Tuscaloosa. I am too! My family is there but I now live in Indiana.
Great blogs. I love the flower and butterfly on the side.

A Softer Side said...

Welcome Robin!

I stumbled across blotanical looking for ideas and advice and found it to have a great deal to offer.

I have been in Tuscaloosa for 16 years, it is a unique place; one that I finally call home.

We (there are a few of us associated with this blog) are all documenting our 2008 gardening adventures. Please feel free to jump in anytime :).

Have a great evening and thanks for stopping by!

A Softer Side said...


The 'greenhouse' room concept works, 'eh? I am so glad you brought your seed trays inside- the pre-propagation anxiety will drive you bonkers!

Did you see my newest post from the greenhouse room? Hmmm???

Have a great night!

Zoe said...

go eat some bib lettuce!