Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dangit! We are supposed to get snow!

They are so lovely; I hate the thought of them freezing!

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Zoe said...

bulbs!!!!!!bulbs!...i need to get bulbs!!!mothers day!!!...i need a voo doo lady!!!

A Softer Side said...

Mother's Day? What about St. Patty's and Easter? I usually pick up my 'green' flowers on St. Pattys, and then lots of bulbs for Easter.

I hate to see the stores just throw them out... so, I buy the dead plants. I am, of course, a member of the Dead Plant Society.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Snow in Tuscaloosa? My mom failed to mention that when I talked to her this morning. Hope you have your bread and milk!

A Softer Side said...

Snow in Tuscaloosa ammounts to six flakes (I believe it is supposed to happen Friday night). I am actually more worried about the freeze on Saturday; 28 degrees is not my cup of tea!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Come to think of it she did mention the Bradford pear and the magnolia blooming and wishing it wasn't yet because of the cold.
Funny, even if it is only six flakes the mere mention of the "s" word and the bread and milk fly off the shelves.

Here in Indy, when we get late frosts or freezes I throw blankets and flannel sheets across the flower beds and cover as much as I can with flower pots and plastic containers. It helps.

A Softer Side said...

When I moved here from Denver I have to tell you the 'snow' response used to crack me up.

There have been a few REAL snowstorms since I have been here (1993 was a doozy) but... as you say, the mention of snow here creates antbed like activity as if we were going to have blizzard conditions, and as a general rule the precipitation is minimal.

I never understood why one would buy milk if there was an expectation of a terrible storm. If the storm is that bad there is the distinct possibility of loss of power. (One of those thoughts that make you go 'hmmmm').

Rowing and Sowing said...

Snow?? LOL - wish it would snow here! But not now! Dipping temps this time of year is "rut ro". The azaleas and pears and all the trees are budding (some blooming) and it's supposed to be dipping near freezing or below (possibly 28). It's a real bummer when that happens.

We were lucky this year that our Japanese Magnolia (it buds and blooms in mid Feb) didn't get hit by a hard freeze and a cold snap before or during its peak. It usually does, and it's always just a HUGE bummer. This year, though - it was unseasonably warm. Right after it peaked and when it was on its way "out" (but still beautiful) it got hit with a 28 degree night. But it put on the best show we've ever seen it give, and it was great to see it in its glory with NO freezer burn.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Hi, I wanted to welcome you to Blotanical. I've found such nice gardening friends there. I hope you didn't get snow. We have flurries today in Oklahoma.~~Dee