Monday, February 25, 2008

The first iris from 'Gramma's' batch

I photographed the bud on February 17.


Rowing and Sowing said...

I LOVE IRIS! I re-did our bed last year (that was a task!) But they needed re-doing (some were too deep and it had been years since the beds were "re-done"). We've got whites and purple ones and just a few yellows. I just love em! This time of year is fab.

I had fun with a friend's digital camera yesterday (taking pics of eagles) and that's it - I HAVE to get a dig camera!

Right now we have tornado watches out..... ZIKES!!!! I just walked in from outside (it was getting so dark and windy out there - looked BAD). I cut TV on.... and hopefully we wont get blown away! Everyone (people and pets) are inside and safe. See ya soon! Have a great day!

A Softer Side said...

I need to 'address' my Iris beds too; although I did do a lot of cleaning and clearing to get the rhizomes in the sunlight (hence the early bloom).

I hear you on the weather; we had 50mph straight line winds last night with gusts in the 60's and above a few miles away. This is a terrible storm season here.

Stay safe. Remember- Mom Nature RULES!

Zoe said...

What a beauty!...honesty..what could be more perfect.

I'm bored, I'm cold and I am willing it to be how good I am...tee hee...can't get much colder and the weatherman swears it will be 60 tomorrow...i am thinking about soaking these seeds 2 days and planting them in the little pots Sat. it's supposed to be 70...maybe i'll just bring in news paper and do it in here...I HAVE CABIN FEVER!!

A Softer Side said...

I did do some re potting in the kitchen. Total disaster (as far as mess) but the end result was great.

Relax. Enjoy. Love ya.